Scala Training Services

Public Training Events

Propensive regularly run public training events around Europe. These are two-day courses, typically in city locations, often colocated with other conferences, and are open to everyone!

Full Experience

We aim for every event to be a full and intense experience. We start with an optional dinner at a local restaurant with the other attendees the night before the event. This gives the mentor an opportunity to meet everyone, and listen to any particular needs or concerns at leisure, before the training starts.

Scala One trainings have a lot of flexibility to adapt to individuals’ needs, so this is a chance for attendees to have some influence on the training. The mentor can then make the greatest effort to incorporate any particular needs into the training.

The evening dinner is also a great opportunity for attendees to get to know other people working in the same industry on similar problems.

The course

It’s our intention that the training days will be intense. We start at 9am, and usually finish at 6pm, taking an hour for lunch and fitting in a few twenty-minute breaks throughout the day.

The material is taught over a number of lessons, each lasting around half an hour, and usually followed by worked exercises. For each lesson, attendees will be able to see and refer to the full course material—all clearly explained, step-by-step—in case further study is required. We keep this material available to attendees for ninety days after the training.

Corporate Training

We also offer in-house trainings for corporate clients. These usually take place on the client’s premises, to their own schedule, typically fitting a training course into two or three days. We would normally recommend sessions of 8-10 people, but can train up to 15 together.

Additionally, we can provide customization of the course material, spending more time focusing on areas that more important and less time on those which are not. If developers are starting from a different level of understanding of Scala, we can add additional time to bring some or all of the attendees up to a common baseline understanding.

For more information about corporate Scala One trainings, please contact us, and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities.